Back to the Afterlife

Uncovering the Mysteries of What Happens to Us Next

Bernie Kastner


The fear of death has possessed most of us at one time or another, sometimes in a moment of crisis, at other times in a moment of silent thought. But what if we had answers to the mysteries surrounding the afterlife? Would that fear be alleviated? Could we find some solace in that knowledge? And, most importantly, might we live our lives differently?

Back to the Afterlife demystifies one of humanity’s greatest enigmas, and, in doing so, helps us gain a new perspective on the lives we lead today. Using scientific research, kabalistic sources, and other references in Judeo-Christian philosophy, the book explores the soul’s travels, from thirty days before dying through the actual transition, as well as the various stations along its journey. None of the ancient or even more modern religious or secular texts delineate this journey in step-by-step detail. For the first time ever, this book does just that in an accessible and fascinating way.

Reading this text will illuminate the soul’s continued journey, and bring hope, comfort, and understanding to those wracked by fear of death or dealing with a crippling loss. One’s impression of life and its inevitable end will be forever changed.