RVP Publishers Inc. releases books under two imprints: RVP Publishers and RVP Press.

All info regarding the distribution of the books featured on this website and issued under
the RVP Press imprint, you'll find below.

For all info regarding the distribution of books issued under the RVP Publishers imprint,
please follow this link.


The general public may purchase our titles from either regular bookstores or web based shops, like amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. Your bookstore can order any title they have no inventory of, please ask them to do so. 

Customers in Israel will find a wide selection of our releases at 
Holzer Books, Ludwig Mayer Books, and Dani Books in Jerusalem. Holzer Books and Ludwig Mayer Books will gladly ship to any location within Israel.

Customers in The Netherlands and Flanders may purchase a wide selection of our releases online at bol.com. In these territories these books can also be ordered at any bookstore which is supplied by the Centraal Boekhuis in Culemborg. 

RVP Press
releases are globally distributed by one of the world's most advanced distribution networks.
This network includes, among numerous others, the following partners:




Above listing of distribution partners
may be subject to change, without
prior notice and/or (in part) not
presenting the current status.