Preparing for Contact

When Humans and Extraterrestrials Finally Meet

George Michael

Preparing for Contact investigates the prospect of extraterrestrial life and the consequences of both direct and indirect contact from a variety of perspectives, including the fields of astronomy, astrobiology, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and Ufology and what they can tell us about our place in the cosmos.   

Some people insist that there is strong evidence that aliens have already visited Earth, and perhaps even seeded our planet with the building blocks of life eons ago. Over the past few decades, numerous seemingly credible persons, including high-ranking military officers, government officials, and airline pilots claim to have had encounters with exotic aircraft not attributable to any known source on Earth.

Are we alone? Some scientists are skeptical of the notion of advanced alien civilizations. Other observers cite the sheer multitude of galaxies and stars as favoring the plurality of life in the universe. Why should our planet be so exceptional?


“This wide-ranging and thought-provoking book provides some intriguing insights into two of the biggest and most profound questions we can ask, namely are we alone in the cosmos, and what might happen if humanity encounters extraterrestrials? By examining not just the hard science, but the more controversial UFO data, Professor Michael treads a courageous path that few modern thinkers dare to tread. His book is meticulously researched, extensively referenced, and hugely informative.”

—Nick Pope
UK Ministry of Defense UFO Project, 1991–1994


Book Discussion on Preparing for Contact at C-Span 
Professor George Michael talked about his book Preparing for Contact, in which he investigates the possibility of extraterrestrial life existing in the universe, the additional possibility of there eventually being contact between extraterrestrials and humans, and whether contact would be a good or a bad thing.